Far West Regional League - Northwest

Match Report

Here you can set your gameday roster and pring your match report for each game. Match Reports can be printed 3 days prior to a game. An official FWRL Northwest match report must be presented to the referee before each game. Gameday rosters can have up to 18 players, and teams may change up to 5 players from their official roster of 18 for each game using the club pass rule.

FWRL Northwest Rules

Please print 2 copies of your roster for each game. One copy will be given to the referee prior to each game, and one is exchanged with the opposing team if requested. Write-ins are allowed up until kickoff so long as no more than 5 players are changed from the original roster of 18.

After each game, a team representative must retrieve the completed match report from the referee and send a scan or photograph of the match report to mike@washingtonyouthsoccer.org.

To set gameday rosters and print Match Reports, any team representative listed on the roster may use their email address and the following PIN (477111) and click HERE.